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Request for Court Reporter's Record


T.R.A.P. 34.6 (b)(1) requires a written request for the Court Reporter's Record.  Therefore, if you are requesting such a record, you may e-mail your request to  I will get back to you with a rough estimate of the cost of your request.  The request will only be worked upon after the deposit has been recieved.  You should mail your deposit to the following address:


Indu A. Bailiey

Official Court Reporter

219th District Court, Collin County

2100 Bloomdale Road, Suite 20132

McKinney, Texas 75071


You should use the following form


Pre-Trial Requests


To assist the Court Reporter please provide the following:

1. Witness List

2. Exhibit List

3. Large Exhibits-  If you are planning on using large posters and photographs, please provide 8 1/2" x 11" for filing and appeal purposes.

4. Audio & Audio-Visual Recordings-  Generally, audio and audio-visual recordings played in court are entered as an exhibit in the proceedings.  When the audio or audio-visual recordings are played in court, a contemporaneous verbatim record of the proceedings will NOT be made unles the Court so orders.

5. Transcripts Read into Record-  Please SLOW DOWN while reading any document.  Please provide me a copy of anything read into the record in case the matter goes on appeal.


It will be very helpful if you can click here and provide all of the information contained therein by e-mailing the document to



Thank you,

Indu Bailey, 219th District Court Reporter




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